Thursday, September 8, 2016

Anti-Christ Reboot: Mark of the Beast

“We'll find out who is the real revolutionary; I don't want my people to be tricked...”
~ Bob Marley, from his song “Zimbabwe”

"False messiahs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders to lead astray, if possible, even the elect."
 ~ Matthew 24:24

(last updated April 7th, 2017)

What does a modern-day ex-satanist turned into "revolutionary" (Mark Passio) and an ancient ex-Christian-bounty-hunter turned into "apostle" (Paul of the Bible) have in common?  Both, I believe, never really left their pastimes as they appeared to, both I believe are actually false prophets of the same fundamental deceptive mold; I will explain why here, starting with Mr. Passio.

 Some of you may be familiar with the work of Mark Passio, and perhaps even because of me recommending his podcasts and presentations in the past.  His latest presentation however, at the 4th Free Your Mind Conference, I definitely don't recommend.  The main topic of the presentation is "Neo-Feminism," but, as I will explain, that issue was just used as a vehicle to transmit some other very toxic ideas.  At first I was hesitant to fully acknowledge what became apparent in that presentation, but now, after watching both parts of it and contemplating such major, ridiculous and destructive flaws, flaws that are contrary to everything he supposedly stands for, I feel a responsibility to point out what apparently many others are overlooking (but understandably so, since what has occurred is very deceptive).  Mark claims to be an ex-satanist and ex-statist, but content in this presentation clearly supports both satanism and statism, clear that is if you have ears to hear it and eyes to see it, not blinded by admiration for his previous good work.  That previous good work I now see was just a set-up for this latest garbage, just the "bait" to lead many good-hearted people to this toxic "switch."  I do not say this lightly on a whim or a guess, I am 100% certain that this latest presentation is statist/satanic propaganda, because the content is undeniably so, when looked at objectively and nontangentially.  I know what it's like to be slandered without cause and so never want to do the same to anyone else; as I will demonstrate, that's definitely not what I'm doing here, what I'm doing is just pointing out the truth of what he actually said and showed in his presentation.

My posted comment on the youtube page to Part 1 of the presentation was almost immediately attacked by "trolls" that totally ignored my points, repeatedly, even after I kept pointing out they were ignoring my points.  They also engaged in other classic toxic behavior, like projection of one's own negative qualities onto another person, in this case their negative qualities onto me.  A follow-up supporter troll even came to congratulate the other troll on how well he did in debating me, which is absurd, since I clearly pointed out the lies, irrationality and immorality of the comments, repeatedly; my points were never actually refuted, and they were never actually even acknowledged, undoubtedly because there is no good counter-argument to them, so from their perspective it's better to distract others from them by attacking me personally.  So here's Part 1 if you want to see this propagandistic presentation for yourself, or you can just read on to my first comment on it here:

"Some very good content here on the divide & conquer strategies of the ruling class, but the presentation is corrupted by some major flaws:

1) Mark said we are the authors of our genetic code, which is very close to saying that we're the Creator, which, ironically, is a satanic mindset/desire. Yes I know the epi-genetic context in which he said that, but without clarifying the huge difference between having an influence on our genes and being the AUTHOR of them, he is actually playing into an anti-God tenant of satanism. (He used all-caps just like that in his presentation to emphasize our "authorship" of the human body).  Speaking of God...

2) Mark makes no mention of God whatsoever, and also misleadingly says that the supposed Anunaki are the creators of humanity, not clarifying whether we were first created by God and then had our genetics messed with by some other beings, who were also created by God.  So, more anti-God content, i.e. satanism, by this supposedly anti-satanism speaker.

3) Mark discounts the possibility that Satan is an actual intelligent spiritual being that directly influences human consciousness, by stating that most satanists don't believe in Satan as a spiritual being.  First of all, what poll of satanists is this assertion based on?  Secondly, by not even giving mention of the possibility that Satan is a wholly-evil spiritual being that actually exists (I and many others, from Christian to satanist, believe he definitely does), Mark is actually serving the Devil, since the “greatest trick the Devil ever pulled is convincing people he doesn't exist.”  And why would Satan want help in pulling such a trick?  Obviously because he can then more easily do his work, without being recognized and rejected.  So some pro-Satan content to add to the anti-God content, making for a hat-trick of satanic propaganda.

Promoting anarchism [and other good things in his previous work] is good, but if you are actually supporting the root of the evil, “the spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places,” then what good is it really?  Striking at the branches of evil, but not the root, doesn't actually serve humanity.  Whether these blunders, like naming his rock band "The Founders" after the statist/slave-master/dark-occultist “Founding Fathers,” is innocent or not, I don't know.  What I do know is that this combining of crucial truth with disempowering lies (to make the lies more “digestible”), as found in this presentation, is exactly the form real propaganda takes, coincidence or not. 

Things actually got worse in Part 2, wherein he amazingly said that we need to think like psychopaths/pedophiles/satanists in order to resist them, and that every parent should read the Satanic Bible and the Satanic Witch books if they care about their children!  Thinking like a psychopath/pedophile/satanist is absolutely not necessary in order to reject the craziness and evil of that mindset properly, this idea that it's necessary is itself satanic!  The last thing you want to do is entertain such thoughts in your mind, to do so is serving the Devil, not resisting him!  It's inviting evil into your mind and heart, and the results can be disastrous, mentally and spiritually.  Reading these Satanic texts, as he strongly encourages us all to do, is, like all toxic ideas, a combination of irrationality, falsehood, and immorality; to think you will somehow be more effective in fighting evil in the world by reading satanic literature is complete nonsense; all you need to know is what evil is so you can reject it, you don't need to participate in it and get into the disgusting details of the mindset in order to do that; in fact delving into disgusting details, especially to the point of identifying with the perspective, does the opposite, it just disturbs your mind, making you a less effective revolutionary for the Good.  His supposed "solution" to the problem of the "battle of the sexes," a battle that only exists because of disturbed minds, is to read Satanic texts and to even think from the perspective of a psychopath, which will result in disturbing your mind, so, his "solution" is actually just serving more of the problem, in classic propagandist fashion.  This is made evident too by other comments people made on the video saying things like "Yes, women do that!" etc., which shows the presentation wasn't encouraging reconciliation, but just further discord. So when the content of his presentation actually furthers discord in the minds of those watching it, and furthers the very problems that the presenter is supposedly against, we have big red flags for propaganda in operation.

Also in part 2 he says there is no such thing as human nature, and we're just "programmable beings;" this is false and actually satanic as well (satanists don't believe in the inherent goodness of humans).  The truth is we are made in the image of God with a godly conscience, that is covered up by behavior corrupted by belief in various lies that sabotage our natural loving nature.  Mark makes children out to be mere androids that need programming, for the good or the bad, before they demonstrate either.  Yet children certainly have a good nature before being "programmed" to be good or bad.  He goes nowhere near the crucial truth that it is belief in various lies that corrupts our behavior, behavior that would otherwise be naturally good, because human nature is good; and so, here he just delivers another subliminal satanic message to those watching his presentation.

And as for his supposed support of anarchism/freedom, he put an image of Mel Gibson as "The Patriot" holding the colonial flag on the slide on "good parenting," and referred to himself as a real American patriot in his presentation as well; do I even need to explain why that's a ridiculously statist thing for a so-called anarchist to do and say?  He finishes with more statist perspective talking about one "American" (himself) talking to another "American" about why the hoodie he was wearing, with a picture of a snake on it that he says symbolizes defending "our" country, is actually legit... statism is not legit, something Mark actually said in his previous podcasts/presentations, but now completely contradicts; there is no half-way with this, someone can rationalize his patriotism anyway they like, but that doesn't change it from being statist/toxic.

Again, like with Part 1, these are not at all minor flaws, they're majorly misleading and destructive flaws that actually support division of the sexes, statism/patriotism, and satanism for God's sake!  This is exactly what thoughts/ideas from the Devil always do (as you can verify for yourself if you pay attention): the exact opposite of the good they try and convince you they will do.

If you ignore all my points here and just focus on the good parts in his presentation and from his previous work, you're ignoring how propaganda is formulated and works (toxic lies sandwiched in with truth).  I won't be surprised if my comments on Part 2 get "trolled" in like fashion to my Part 1 comments, but hopefully some decent people reading this will see the validity of my points, and not let this "ex" satanist mislead them and their loved ones.

Like with my previous Front-Line Thought post on the false prophet of the "wise alien" with his statist/satanic message to mankind, Mark Passio follows suit as another false prophet, following the same short Devil's playbook that he's apparently a slave to.  Speaking of that short playbook that gets used over and over, very interestingly to me as I was evaluating the work of Passio I was doing the same with the "Apostle" Paul, and more and more I realized how similar they were:
  1. Both were active in anti-Christ activity (Passio being a Satanist, and Paul being a Roman bounty-hunter/persecutor of Christians) prior to their "change of heart."
  2. Both then began to share extremely crucial truths, but also extremely destructive/misleading lies (e.g. "Satan doesn't exist" with Passio, and "Inherited Sin" with Paul) that override their truth telling, making their overall influence evil.  Remember, anti-Christs are prophesized to deceive many, and the only way they could do that is if they speak truth along with their lies.
  3. Both talk about themselves a lot, even though they claim to be humble servants of truth and righteousness.  Egoic thinking seems to be unavoidable for those wrapped up in doing evil, and both stand out as loving to talk about themselves (Passio in interviews, Paul in his letters).
  4. Both avoid discussing the teachings of Jesus directly, which also just so happens to be a prophesied defining characteristic of Antichrists.
I will discuss Paul's writing further in my next post, and leave it here for now with some closing thoughts for those who mislead so many people that actually do care; I could speak more harshly about them but won't, for vengeance is rightly God's work, not man's:
"'You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am the LORD.'" 
"'Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near, And the impending things are hastening upon them.'" 
(Leviticus 19:18 & Deuteronomy 32:35)