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A Reality Check on Gaza

A shorter version of the following was first posted in early 2009, re-posting now with edits & additions (latest on 3/30/2016) because of the continuing violence & destruction occurring in the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, for example, "currently the Israeli military threatens to forcibly remove the Palestinian villagers of Susya from their agricultural lands and subsequently demolish their entire village." 

And this from Grassroots International:
"Today [March 30th] is Land Day in Palestine. It’s a day when Palestinians mark with protest the continual expropriation of their land. There is a lot to protest since Palestinians have been losing land for 68 years.  For Palestinians, the year 1948 is the year of the Nakba (or catastrophe) during which 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes, and land and hundreds of Palestinian villages were destroyed.
1967 marks the year when the state of Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, the Syrian Golan Heights, and Sinai in Egypt. This year is known to Palestinians as the Naksa (or grief).

Today, Israel continues with relentless plans to annex the Jordan Valley for illegal settlements. Amongst plans to forcibly remove Palestinians from their homes and land is Israel’s chillingly named “Relocation Plan” which will forcibly remove from their land 27,000 Bedouin people living in more than 47 communities.

Just last week Israeli soldiers demolished 53 structures in the West Bank village of Khirbet Tana leaving 87 people homeless, nearly half of them children. 

On Monday, Robert Piper, The UN Coordinator for Humanitarian and Development Activities for the occupied Palestinian territory, visited Khirbet Tana and said, “It’s hard to see how demolitions like the ones in Khirbet Tana are about anything other than pushing vulnerable Palestinians out of certain parts of the West Bank."
Palestinians have shown remarkable courage and resilience in the face of endless demolitions, as well as checkpoints, extrajudicial killings, night raids, arrest without charges, and more. The cry “to exist is to resist” has created an enduring steadfastness."

Two different book passages I found sum up much of the history of the situation well, so I begin with those.
"...[T]he nostalgia for a biblical Israel, which is associated subconsciously with the modern state of Israel, has led to the suppression of the Palestinian narrative.  In other words, Christian support of the Jewish people has led to support for the Israeli state and, therefore, indirect repression of the Palestinians." - p. 26

"Strangely enough, if one visits the Herodion, a fortress built by Herod the Great in the first century BC, near Bethlehem, where many fighters retreated during the Jewish revolts against the Romans, one can see several plaques hung by Israeli settlers commemorating the heroic acts of those first-century fighters.  They are held in high esteem as Jewish freedom fighters against the Roman Empire.  And yet, Palestinian fighters who stand in the same tradition are labeled by the Israelis as terrorists.  And yet two groups with similar ideologies are viewed with vastly different standards.  As mentioned before, it is also important to realize that terrorist is a description coined by the empire for those fighting the empire with the weapons of the empire.  For the occupied, those fighting are regarded as freedom fighters." - p. 76

"If Israelis and Palestinians are frank with themselves, they need to admit that the state project they respectively worked so hard to achieve for the last sixty or so years has failed.  Israel developed an apartheid system, and the Palestinian mini-state in Gaza or the Palestinian "holes in the cheese" of the West Bank are not the dream for which people fought.  Yet, both peoples are still unable and/or unwilling to admit that hard and painful truth and begin looking for new models of coexistence." 
- p. 84 [The "new model of coexistence" that's needed I propose is: Sovereign veganic homesteads, making up voluntary gift-economy communities; more on this at]

"The transformed faithful were [instead] to engage the world, to challenge the monopoly of power, and to live the life of an already liberated people." - p. 95

"Only a bold vision can pull the region out of its current chaos.  Only if we are able to re-imagine the region anew will our people have life and have it abundantly.  Like people everywhere, those who have been demonstrating on the the streets of the Arab world have no other desire but to have life and a future; to enjoy freedom, dignity, and equality..." - p. 129  [Again this "bold vision" is the aforementioned solution of sovereign veganic homesteads, making up voluntary gift-economy communities, in my opinion.]
[Above quotes are from the book Faith in the Face of Empire by Mitri Raheb (Orbis Books, 2014)]

“Most theologies of liberation have used the story of Exodus as their paradigm.  But the way its message has been abused by both religious Zionists and Christian fundamentalists, who see in it a call for the physical return of the Jews to the land in this century, makes it difficult for Palestinians to appropriate at this time. … For to need an exodus, one must have a promised land.  To choose the motif of conquest of the promised land is to invite the need for the oppression, assimilation, control, or dispossession of the indigenous population.  That is why it is difficult, in a Palestinian theology of liberation, to find the whole of the Exodus event meaningful.  It will be reclaimed eventually when Palestinians enjoy their own exodus and return to their homeland.  But my hope is that their exodus and return will not result in conquest, oppression, or dispossession.  Certainly the concept of a God who wills such horrors is not acceptable.  Instead of the wars and bloodshed of the biblical account, it is my hope that Palestinians will return to share the land of Israel-Palestine.  This is the kind of return that is willed by the God whom we have come to see in the overall biblical revelation—a God of justice, mercy, and peace.

    A more relevant theme is found in the story of Naboth and his vineyard [1 Kings 21 in the Bible], an ancient story with a modern ring to it.  The death and dispossession of Naboth and his family has been reenacted thousands of times since the creation of the State of Israel.  When reduced to its essence, it embodies the tragedy of Palestine as well as the suppression of the rights of the individual.  But it is more than a story of tragedy, since at its heart stands a God who is a God of justice, the God who governs history, who has a long memory, and will not allow injustice to go unchecked forever.

    Naboth (a name connected with the Arabic nabata, meaning “to sprout” or “to grow”) owned land in Jezreel, not far from Beisan/Beth Shean.  As land he had inherited from his ancestors, it was very precious, even sacred, to him as in other Middle Eastern cultures.

    Naboth's property adjoined the palace of King Ahab (869-850 B.C.) in Jezreel, his second capital.  The king wanted to expand his estate and offered to buy Naboth's land.  Naboth refused.  It was not a question of money; the land was the family inheritance passed down from generation to generation and he would never part with it.

    The king was upset and angry.  He really wanted the land, but no amount of money could change Naboth's mind.  Ahab's wife, Queen Jezebel, had the perfect solution.  She plotted against Naboth in a conspiracy that involved the services of the “elders and nobles” of the city and the testimony of false witnesses.

    Naboth was taken to court and accused of blasphemy and treason by cursing God and the king.  With no one to defend him, Naboth was sentenced to death by stoning.  Apparently his sons were killed as well.  Naboth's land was confiscated and annexed to that of the king. 

    The prophet Elijah was summoned by God to confront the king for his hideous crime.  Their encounter took place in Naboth's vineyard, where Elijah announced divine judgment on the king and his wife.  A few years later the king was killed in battle; about ten years after that his wife died a very horrible death.  Exact and strict justice was meted out as punishment for the crime.

    The Naboth story provides a central biblical paradigm for a Palestinian theology of liberation.  In applying this story, I would like to emphasize three points:

    1:  The story reveals God's uncompromising concern for justice.  The land belonged to Naboth and his family.  Because he was powerless and defenseless [and the king's power was great because of lack of support for anarchism], he was victimized and his land expropriated.  The powerful had the means with which to carry out their treacherous act.  They had their agents.  They could indict whomever they chose, dispose of them, and expropriate their land.  Palestinians identify with the story of Naboth.  Justice for them has been flouted.  They feel liberated, however, when they recall that God is a living God with a long memory.  God holds tenaciously to justice; as the apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Galatia, “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”

    2.  Theologically speaking, the State of Israel has been guilty of the same misdeed as Ahab.  Ahab knew that before God's law all people stood equal [e.g. having an equal right to land & water access], including the king.  This was in contrast to the Canaanite view of things.  Baal, the god of the Canaanites, tended to support the status quo, with the elite on top.  So the king's rights and privileges could be extended arbitrarily to acquire whatever the monarch wished or desired.  But Yahweh's ethical law, championed by the Prophets, operated impartially: every person's [inalienable] rights, [including the right to] property, and very life were under divine protection.  Whenever injustice occurred, God intervened [at some point, including the afterlife] to defend the poor, the weak, and the defenseless.

    3.  The last part of the story of Naboth demonstrates real retribution.  Strict justice with no mercy was meted out, albeit after a considerable lapse of time.  I do not wish to emphasize the consequence of Ahab's crime and the way he and his wife met their bitter ends.  Indeed, as a Christian, and in light of our hermeneutical key, I do not advocate justice without mercy.  I fully recognize that today, as in Naboth's time, many people still relish the exercise of strict justice--”an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” … I am repelled by such a formula, which only creates more injustice.  I would plead for justice with mercy; not a dilution of justice, but of the use of justice in a dynamic and creative way for the achievement of peace in the land. Therefore, without emphasizing the epilogue of the story and without predicting the consequence of injustice, I want to insist on the basic theme of the justice of God that gives hope of liberation to the oppressed.”

~ Justice and Only Justice: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation, by Naim Stifan Ateek (Orbis Books, New York, 1989), p. 86-89

And for overview of recent events, here is Max Blumenthal, author of Goliath and follow-up book The 51 Day War: Resistance and Ruin in Gaza speaking on the content of that latter book:

I heard him give a similar talk elsewhere and was very impressed with his detailed knowledge of what's been happening in Gaza, as well as his call for a moral action in response.  One thing he said at the talk I attended that I don't agree with however is that people that have an anti-politics/anti-statist perspective are being "apathetic."  I will explain why that "apathy" label is definitely misplaced shortly.  Also in the above talk (at the very end) he speaks against Palestinian sovereignty, and I find that's actually the opposite of the needed solution of much more sovereignty being recognized, extended all the way to the individual level.  Oh and he also said at the talk I attended that boycotting Israeli goods is "the only solution," and a I disagree with that too!  (Maybe I should replace/remove this video?  Anyway, moving on.)

We are told that the current and continued slaughter of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children is justified because of rockets/bombs that have been shot into or exploded in Israeli State territory, and if it weren't for those rockets and bombs, the Israeli military would leave the Palestinians alone.  We are led to believe this is all an act of self-defense, ignoring that the numbers of Palestinians being killed are many times greater than that of the Israelis, ignoring the initiation of aggression by the Israeli State against the Palestinians; aggression namely consisting of: creating an abusive occupier police-state for the Palestinians, targeting and destroying-by-missile residential homes and highrises, having 24-hour curfews and "open-fire" policies on Palestinian civilians within arbitrarily designated areas, bombing whole cities, bulldozing people's homes/orchards/farms, snipers killing Palestinians while they search for their relatives in the rubble, multi-generation-harming depleted uranium weapons and white phosphorous weapons being used against Palestinians (both weapons in violation of international law)...  (see news links below for more examples and details of this terrorizing carnage).  All of this being examples of collective punishment (i.e. indiscriminate force), which is a war crime under the Fourth Geneva Convention (that states that no one living under occupation “may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed.”)  In other words, if it's not an act of real self-defense, then it's illegal/immoral, and that's a key point that is unfortunately usually lost or underemphasized in analysis of what's been happening.

Although this is clearly a David vs. Goliath situation, this shouldn't be thought of as whose vengeance is justified and who's is not; on both sides (although vastly disproportionately) people are being murdered, in either case when we have violence taking place, aggressive force that is not self-defense, this just furthers suffering and hatred.  (The use of force for legitimate self-defense is not violence; violence is a violation of the rights of others; self-defense is protection of those natural rights to life, liberty and property (namely property of one's own body and home)).  And fueling that hatred even more is the divide & conquer strategy being utilized in the form of a Jew vs. Muslim narrative by States and mass-media, drawing attention away from the fundamental problem of statism, just as racism is utilized as a divide & conquer tactic in the United States.  
Artwork by Eric J. Garcia (
We need to consistently return to the key solutions: the non-aggression-principle (reasonable self-defense being legitimate, which is not what we've been seeing in this conflict for the most part), respecting individual sovereignty, and supporting the real social-justice of a fair share of cost/tax-free sovereign land and water (for building egalitarian communities) being a birthright of everyone.  Without this, little to no progress is made, because that root injustice continues to run in the background, and other injustices just keep on growing from that root.  Until we stand solidly on the ground of pure truth, rationality and morality, we remain susceptible to manipulation by evil forces in the world; so the work is to discover that sound base and stick to it, rejecting the lies, irrationality and immorality until its followers diminish in number enough to the point that the destructive power is extinguished.  The answer for the Israel/Palestine region isn't a "two State solution," it's a zero State solution.  I know the typical reaction to that will be immediate concern about safety and chaos, and to think without any law at all things would just get worse, but that takes preemptive attack by a supposedly superior officialdom as a better idea than not forcibly concentrating immense power and wealth into the hands of the few!  Yeah... turns out violence and superiority-complex delusions, coupled with concentration of power, isn't a formula for success!  Why did we ever think it would be?  Therefore, what's most crucial is recognizing that the belief in necessary statism is really a belief that slavery is necessary for our well-being, and that's a false belief.  That's the key insight that has been lost in all the tragic political theater, that's the crucial truth that can actually pull us out of this mess.  The fundamental problem of statist slavery is what needs to be focused on, but unfortunately people are kept in practically perpetual distraction by one tragedy after another, tragedies that are never seen as branches of a particular root evil.  If that root evil of statism was recognized, and its lies of legitimacy rejected, then this mass-violence war-machine could be actually brought to a stop. 
“Israel has denied that it occupies the Gaza Strip, but three of the borders of the Gaza Strip, the coast and airspace, are controlled by Israel.[54][55] The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 stated in 2007:
Israel remains an occupying Power in respect of Gaza.  Arguments that Israel ceased its occupation of Gaza in 2005 following the evacuation of its settlements and the withdrawal of its troops take no account of the fact that Israel retains effective control over Gaza by means of its control over Gaza’s external borders, airspace, territorial waters, population registry, tax revenues and governmental functions.  The effectiveness of this control is emphasized by regular military incursions and rocket attacks.[56]
Restricting people's right to travel, to access the sea, to buy certain foods/products, subjecting them to checkpoint harassment, taxation... all of this is a master/slave relationship, all of it is unjust, and all of it is the very modus operandi of States, difference only being in degree between States.  The clear police-state measures imposed by the Israeli State on non-Jews is emblematic of what all States do all the time, it's just that when it gets really bad, then most people will say it's intolerable & unjust.  My point being that any form of slavery should be considered intolerable & unjust, because it is an evil any form, and there's no real way to prevent lesser forms from escalating to even worse forms ("checks & balances" and "the rule of law" being farces on a daily basis).  Once unnatural power is given to a few people that are deemed "superior," it's inevitable that problems (to put it lightly) will arise from that allowance; this isn't conspiracy theory, it's conspiracy (i.e. one group working together against another) fact.  All States are actually farms for human-beings, they are institutions of slavery, and the only morally sound position to take on slavery is abolition.  States deny women & men their individual sovereignty, right to life, liberty, personal and birthright property, the right to not be aggressed against, the right to just be left alone.  To include all that in a simpler way, we can say people do not have the right to aggress against or enslave other people; and all statist measures, whether considered of a martial-law/police-state level or not (and opinions on that line of distinction will of course vary among officials and citizens!) are examples of aggression and enslavement.  Violence and slavery are bad.  Seriously, no post-modern moral relativism bullshit will ever change that fact.  The problem with the world is that, despite the amorality in society, most people would still agree that violence and slavery are bad, but they deny that true examples of violence and slavery like statism are actually violence and slavery.  And why do they deny that?  Because they have been indoctrinated via the educational system, mainstream news/propaganda, and mass-media to believe statist lies, that's why.  And this is why so many “revolutions” of the past have just created new versions of the same old paradigm, like the American Revolution against the British Empire, which resulted in the current American Empire.  People generation after generation have seen the effects of violence and slavery, didn't like it and rebelled, but then they just re-created the same cause to those effects (through another State), because they didn't realize that cause & effect dynamic that was at play.  There is actually observable karma in our world, and slavery and violence never producing justice or humans reaching their full potential is an example of it, although it's been like the unseen elephant in the room.  The effects of violence and slavery are always bad, though the forms of the violence and slavery, and their negative effects, can and do change in form; it could be an obvious totalitarianism like that put into effect by Stalin, or it can be more like the Brave New World of Aldous Huxley.  Any way they do it, whether through physical chains or through unseen ones, it will still be slavery, it will still be a sick society, no matter how sanitized and moral it makes itself appear on the surface.  On less philosophical and more concrete ground, there is of course the nuclear weapon problem (to put it lightly), another State invention.  Needless to say, whatever tragic form the slavery and violence manifests as, we'd be much better off being wild and free, living principled and satisfying lives, connecting fully with Nature, Divinity and each other.
“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.” 
~ D.H. Lawrence
Back to the issue at hand, what has been happening in the Gaza Strip and West Bank may seem very complex but I believe it is simple at its core, the main problem being that the Israeli State has been imposing martial law on non-Jewish individuals, forcibly removing them from the land they were living on, destroying their homes, gardens and orchards, aggressively stealing for their own selfish interests, and undermining the ability of other humans to live rightly on this Earth.  Again the ethical baseline should be non-aggression and respecting the sovereignty and birthright of others, so whoever is violating that baseline, like the State of Israel or whoever else, is at fault and should be denounced and defended against.  Worth repeating, this violation is actually the Root Injustice in the world that all others are built upon, it is a form of slavery that corrupts our world, a root evil that keeps producing more evil branches, and will continue to do so until it is abolished.

Speaking of branches of that root evil, we have the United States government giving billions of dollars in annual aid to the Israeli state, aid in the form of various military weapons that have been utilized to kill Palestinian civilians.  And that's the aid being done openly; how do know that some of the Islamic-associated terrorist attacks are not also being funded and orchestrated by these States?  How do we know this isn't more historically-proven state-sponsored terrorism to "justify" genocidal nation-building?  There is reason to believe that at least some of the violence against Israel is being used in a problem-reaction-solution political game-plan, based on deception.  This has been the case historically, whether it's China's continued occupation of Tibet, or the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan, violence based on lies for the pursuit of power, resources/land and wealth is certainly a part of human history.  (That's why 9/11 Truth is so important by the way, though many don't want to face it, and just hope that whatever happened that day, the Obamesiah will set things right, and such things as state-sponsored terrorism will no longer be possible...).  They keep bringing Gulf of Tonkins, 9/11's and 7/7's, and the mainstream goes along with the latest destructive escapade of empire... Yet even if the terrorism is not State-funded/created, not co-opted by the CIA or Israeli intelligence, etc., even if there is violence being committed by independent desperate and enraged Palestinians, e.g. strapping bombs to themselves in suicide missions, does that make what has been done to countless innocent Palestinian civilians justified?  Does open-fire policies on civilians, bombing of whole cities, and the use of chemical and radioactive weapons against women and children have any possible justification whatsoever?  We are supposed to be a society "under the rule of law," not indiscriminate violence, but as usual those that make the laws exempt themselves from the law.  Yet whether an act of violence against the Israeli State is done by a sort of agent-provocateuring operation or not, the violence is used by the State to justify further oppression, just as it is elsewhere in the world by other States to justify the oppression of other peoples.  Militantly aggressive groups indoctrinating their members with the promise of violent "solutions" to the oppressive problem take part in the evil they deplore, and make matters even worse.  Violence is never a good idea, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said brilliantly:
"The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral,
begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
Through violence you may murder the liar,
but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.
Through violence you may murder the hater,
but you do not murder hate.
In fact, violence merely increases hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence,
adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

 The main root problem, once again, has been States themselves, either directly, or through armed groups that they fund/support.  And those armed groups include other States, e.g. the United States supplying weapons to Israel for use against Palestinians.  We have no real control over how our tax dollars are used, e.g. the United States Internal Revenue Service takes the money and the government basically uses it for whatever it wants, like the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, supplying military equipment to Israel, using drones to kill whoever they deem an enemy, etc., no matter how many Americans protest against all of it.  Power corrupts.  Consistently, through the centuries; consider it a Law of Nature.  Therefore the only answer is to stand against positions of unjust/contrived power, and stand for an egalitarian anarchist society, for individual sovereignty, for the human birthright to land & water, and for the non-aggression principle.  

Terrorism, it should be acknowledged, is for the most part a creation of, or a reaction to, States; they are the main source of it; state-sponsored terrorism has been the norm, not the exception throughout history, and war of course is a major form of terrorism; so, despite the “anarchy = destruction” propaganda we're all fed, the logical thing to do is abolish the main source of violence.  This is pretty simple, but it appears much more complicated because of the lies we've been taught to believe that complicate the situation in our minds, blurring the line between good and evil, or altogether switching what's actually good with what's actually evil (this switching is the main type of lie utilized by the “father of lies” by the way).  We are taught to believe that the slavery and violence of States is necessary in order to prevent slavery and violence being committed by some other people.  This belief consists of two bunk premisses it is critical to recognize: that of preemptive attack and authoritarian "superiority"; both are totally irrational, immoral and based on lies.  People deemed officials think they have the right to commit violence on others preemptively, because they are somehow superior to all the people they deem “citizens,” and so they somehow know when violence is actually a good thing to do (like when it's okay to shoot unarmed children, or when dropping atomic bombs that destroy whole cities is “necessary.”)  Meanwhile, in sane-world, the facts remain that preemptive attack is never justifiable (it's not true self-defense), using weapons that kill indiscriminately are never justifiable, and their automatic “superiority” is just delusion.  The disturbing injustices we keep seeing reoccur are mainly a result of that bunk belief system not being fully recognized, called out and rejected.  Instead of doing that, unfortunately good-intentioned people spend a lot of time trying to reform States, or control them through the laws of individual States or by international law (which is basically hoping States will regulate themselves rightly, like through the U.N. or International Criminal Court, etc.), missing the crucial fact that States are institutions of slavery (yes, including “democratic” ones; forced citizenship, false “representation,” classist legal systems & immoral/fascist laws, denial of individual sovereignty and one's birthright of cost/tax-free land & water, etc. is all part and parcel to a social-system of monetary and personal slavery).  Therefore they are evil at their very core, and so in order to escape the karmic consequences of that root evil, they need to be abolished, not merely reformed, just as the physical slavery of Africans needed to be abolished.  You can't reform slavery into something good; any reforms you do manage to achieve will just be countered by other injustices in a never-ending sequence; again this is because of the observable natural law that slavery is evil and can't produce good.  We are not better off by enslaving mankind and subjecting them to constant preemptive violence by self-proclaimed-superior “authority” figures, we are just made more miserable by making that the basis of our society.  Freedom, nonviolence, egalitarianism, justice, love... these are actually the good things, believe it or not, and it's those principles that we need to really base society on in order for a much better world to have a real chance of manifesting.  This simple truth that statism fits the very definition of slavery, and slavery can never be a good foundation for society, is usually discarded by people who think or say something like: "It's not that black & white or simple, States do good things too."  Yes they may do some good things, but in the context of their overall effect, enslaving mankind and causing never-ending disturbance and destruction, their overall effect is still bad, it doesn't make their enslavement of people okay.  For example, some Southern slave-masters occasionally did nice things for their African slaves, so does that make that slavery "not so simple"?  No, it's still simple, the slavery was still wrong, no matter what occasional nice things the slave-master did.  Yes the details of what goes on in the political world are very complex, but the overarching karmic reality is not complicated, and it never changes: slavery is evil and produces more evil in the world.  An objective observation of history and current reality makes this exceedingly clear.

And yet, ironically, what I'm saying here will by many be considered an “extreme” notion; that shows the power of propaganda and the beliefs it sows in the minds of menActions are based on thoughts and beliefs, and that's why States and others promoting/propagating violence rely so heavily on constant propaganda, so people believe in lies that lead them to make destructive decisions and/or support the destructive decisions of others (like using rockets/bombs, bulldozing peoples homes & orchards, or shooting children in the streets).  

It's common knowledge that the Israeli State heavily indoctrinates the people within its borders, making the State out to be a holy institution that can do no wrong; acting as if it were Moses, with the blessing of God, leading the Jewish people out of slavery once again.  When speaking of the crimes committed by the Israeli military State, it's of critical importance to differentiate between the State and the Jewish people, between the State of Israel and the people traditionally grouped under the non-political name Israel.  Otherwise attention is being diverted from the social structure that is the main vehicle for the sustaining of the worst injustices, which is exactly what they want, hence why they try to make every one who is against their actions "anti-Semitic."  To be against the State of Israel's ethnic-cleansing-of-Palestinians-project does not make one anti-Semitic!  That's a false equivalency, it actually just makes you anti-ethnic-cleansing!  To be against the ideology of Zionism, which claims that the Jewish people are a higher division of humanity, i.e. that they are superior to others like Palestinians, and therefore it's okay for them to kill hundreds of Palestinians in their homes while they sleep at night, is nothing but a superiority-complex delusion of massively destructive proportions.  And that superiority complex, coupled with the idea of justified violence, are again the main premisses that all States and their brutality operate on; Israel is no different, they are just using the history and religion of the Jewish people in a distorted way to further those same old bunk foundations of statism.  This is why an anarchist perspective is absolutely crucial in order to escape the propagandist subterfuge constantly being put out by this State (and others) and their lap-dog mass-media outlets.  As just mentioned, the Jewish people are heavily propagandized too, it's just of a different sort, telling them to identify their struggle as an ethnic and religious group as equivalent to the struggle of the Israeli State to gain power and control, by any means necessary (another false equivalency).  The Israeli State, whatever its founders original intentions, has become like any other State: corrupted and power-crazed.  The sickening acts of barbaric cruelty that they have committed against Palestinian civilians prove once again that the goal of a righteous State is futile, a righteous State is actually an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms.  And for Jewish people to miss-identify with the State is the critical mistake (not made by all), just as State patriotism is a mistake anywhere; it's actually equivalent to identification with an external “pain body,” which never serves one's best interest, though it constantly (and devilishly) tries to convince you that it is.  The Jewish people seeking liberation through a State is a futile undertaking, just as it is for African-Americans to do so, or anybody else.  This is because States rely on slavery for existence, and slavery and liberation aren't compatible!  The centuries of attempts to turn States into an institution that furthers the greater good have all failed because they are trying to violate natural/karmic law, which is impossible.  It's true that “God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap,” in that natural/karmic law doesn't allow for freedom through slavery; the problem has been lack of recognition that what statism is sowing is slavery, and slavery ultimately never reaps anything beneficial.  It's key to keep in mind that the term "Israel" didn't refer to a State until 1948, and once that State was formed, injustice and destruction were sure to follow, no matter how good the intentions of its founders.  This is because all States are fundamentally unjust, based on the slavery of sovereign individuals (forced citizenship and taxation, and denying one's birthright to a fair share of sovereign land of their own).  Therefore, contrary to State propaganda, an anarchist society is actually the way to go, removing the systems that create extraordinary amounts of wealth and power in the hands of the few, who then inevitably use that wealth and power for destructive ends, corrupted by the evil means that brought them to those ends.  And again part of those destructive ends, alongside all the cruel violence, is using propaganda to blur the line between good and evil, so they can basically do whatever they want under the guise of a just cause.  This of course has been a statist theme running through the centuries (the U.S. military invasion of Iraq based on lies being an ultra-obvious recent example).

So no longer falling for violence-promoting divide & conquer tactics of States, we should turn to what can actually serve lasting peace & justice: specifically a just distribution of resources (namely sovereign land and fair water access) among people who don't commit aggression against one another, that's what peace and justice actually equates to in society; statism is anti-justice, it is anti-peace, inherently; slavery is not peace or justice promoting!  Again the key realization is that statism really is a form of slavery; after that is really understood (it took me many years to realize myself), activists can stop metaphorically beating their heads against a wall trying to turn slavery into something peaceful and just.  

On the religious side of resolution, there is of course good to be found in both Judaism and Islam that compliment each other and serve harmony between them.  As told in the aforementioned story of Naboth (and in Hebrews 10:30), the Bible states that vengeance belongs to God (as does the Jewish Torah state in Deuteronomy 32:35); it is not our place to carry it out; (legitimate self-defense is a form of self-love however so that is good for us to do, if ever necessary).  Likewise Islam teaches the importance of having mercy for others and being steadfast with what is good:
"Good and evil are not alike.  Repel evil with that which is best.  And lo, he between whom and thyself was enmity will become as though he were a warm friend.  But none is granted it save those who are steadfast; and none is granted it save those who possess a large share of good."  (Al Quran 41:35-36)
May peace, truth, love and justice prevail, and the roots of evil be clearly recognized and removed.

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